Having formed around 1990, Super Furry Animals have produced eclectic, weird, fun music for over two decades, even after you discount their recent hiatus.

Whether you’re a fan of their early, glam-rock influenced posturing, their Brit-pop years, the psychedelic, the funk, the indie, it’s pretty likely that if you’re a music fan, they’ll have touched you at some point over the years.

After spending a few years out working on solo projects (including launching a craft beer) they reunited to play a few dates over the summer, and the crowd at Together The People was rightly thrilled.

Though the line-up for the festival was varied, it felt like most attendees on the Saturday were waiting for the Super Furries.

It may be years since they’ve released any new material, but with a back catalogue this strong, it really didn’t matter.

Cross-generational appeal was evident, with more than a couple of children swaying on their parents’ shoulders.

All the old classics were played, with a consummate professionalism, and the stage-show was as wacky as one could hope.

They’ve maintained the energy and innovation that their live shows have a reputation for, and this made them the perfect act to close the Saturday night.

Five stars