After first seeing Jacko Hooper at a multi-band showcase for local musicians several years ago at The Prince Albert, I was surprised by both his maturity and his commitment.

Anyone can make music, but few believe in with such a dedicated conviction as Hooper, who doesn’t seem to be pushing an image or an agenda, just his songs. This passion was evident from the moment he took the stage at Together The People, with a sincere, modest introduction.

In the intervening years, he’s developed his sound into a more distinct sound, a bit more stylised and distinctive, but the honesty and integrity that underpins his sound remained as clear as ever.

Whether performing in a pub or on a big outdoor stage, Hooper’s clearly an artist who gives it his all.

The introductions between songs were brief, allowing more material to be aired in his relatively short set.

It can be hard to maintain crowd attention in the daytime at a big, and fun, festival, but Hooper fared well. He’s booking a steady number of local gigs, and exposure at a festival the size of Together The People will only serve to increase his fan-base.

Four stars