Swedish singer-songwriter José González has had a lengthy and varied career with experimental forays, innovative collaborations and numerous side-projects, but he’s still best known for the soulful vocals and classical guitar skills he demonstrated on first studio album Veneer in 2003, which featured his heartfelt cover of The Knife’s Heartbeats.

As the headliner on the Sunday night of what turned out to be a very family friendly festival, González faced slightly diminishing crowds, but was undeterred.

At times performing with just a guitar and at times with more support, González had the remaining crowd members enthralled.

His talent is impressive enough to be enthralling, and besides a gentle swaying, many people simply watched him with wide-eyes.

Though many of the audience members didn’t seem familiar with all of the tracks he performed, that didn’t seem to matter – his set was a celebration of the soul and depth in his voice.

The programming for Together The People was a well-blended exercise, and González was a great booking to headline the Sunday.

Alternating songs that were heart-rending with those that were calm, he closed the festival well.

As the smoke billowed out and the final song came to an end, everyone present would have happily watched him again.

Five stars