Sat beneath a frazzled old lamp standard, he popped on the glasses that allowed him to see what he was playing and little else, then he played with the fastest fingers in the world.

No less than Joe Satriani called Legg "the best acoustic guitar player I've ever heard", and surely no one in The Greys would disagree.

There was the virtuoso, there was also the instrument.

Legg has blended the harmonic beauty of an acoustic guitar with the power of an electric.

The result was a squeaky clean landscape with none of the glitchy sounds of the instrument being played, such as when the fingers hit the strings.

However, Legg was so accomplished that all technicalities were forgotten, the fluidity and pure beauty of his playing took the listener way beyond technique.

It was a unique live experience, always surprising the ears.

Legg also had a way with words, his links were often long narratives which gave the instrumentals a nice space to sit in.

The character and personality of the man was there in every aspect of his performance.

When he finished with Brooklyn Blossom he indicated no encore/end of show not by standing up or turning off the lamp but by simply removing his glasses and putting on another pair.

Five stars