What happens when writers from The Treason Show sit around in a pub and imagine a cryogenically frozen Fuhrer who melts in South America and trips round Europe with Angela Merkel?

You get Mein Kampervan, a lunatic voyage of the imagination through most major European clichés.

Herr (sorry, Frau) Merkel, a cross between Sally Bowles and Mad Mitch drives Adolf, all lederhosen and frozen peas, to passionate love and EU capitals in an old blue campervan.

Cracking quips larded a very silly script indeed: Christine Kempell gave the full treatment to Angela Merkel, flashing all her credentials and adroitly ad-libbing as required whilst Julian Parkin as a rather sweetly inadequate Adolf had to keep a straight face.

Christophe Philipps very nearly stole the show as barechested Putin, sexy Hollande, indecent Alex Salmond and David, ding dong, Cameron with perfect comic timing and a great deal of muscled embonpoint.

Writer Simon Levenson was probably responsible for the inspired recreations of popular songs – hard to beat were Knees Up Eva Braun, panto-style, or How Can They Live In Romania.

The faux-German accents palled just a little, but the jokes never did and the politics remained as incorrect as ever.

Three stars