Some of the most inspired ideas have been hatched in the pub.

Add to that list the suitably titled Short Hot Flush Film Festival, the world’s first film festival to celebrate women over 50 either in front of the camera as a central character, or behind the camera as a writer, director or producer.

The 27 final choices from eight different countries ranged in duration from one to 29 minutes and were a mix of drama, documentary and animation.

The day-long festival included a stimulating panel discussion lead by Rebecca Kesby of the BBC World Service.

From 2007-2014 the top 100 grossing American movies did not include one female actor in the lead role over 45.

The conclusion was that such an age biased culture can only be changed at grass roots level; and that the internet, where the distributor doesn't rule, offers that opportunity.

Festivals such as this are also vital and it was encouraging that the event was sold out.

The wide variety of the films maintained interest throughout the day, initiating lively discussion during the breaks, which were given added flavour by some particularly fine catering.

Hot Flush organisers Nuala and Maggie deserve much credit, as does their local pub.

Four stars