Sharp-witted comedian Patrick Kielty started out as a controversial figure.

From death threats from the IRA to homophobic slurs on live television to getting into trouble for terrorist jibes, Kielty packed a lot into his early career in stand-up.

Nowadays, he’s toned it down. As a television presenter, he’s featured on increasingly tame and family-friendly shows, and a few years ago married fellow television personality Cat Deeley, cementing his wholesome appeal.

New show Help covered these contradictions well. His anecdotes included the dreary and familiar locals in a corner shop in Northern Ireland as well as catty retorts to celebrities in Beverley Hills.

He seems wowed by his change of lifestyle, but it was when he lamented about his good fortune ending and doubted his luck that he got the biggest laughs.

We love a relatable underdog, and being wildly successful with a beautiful wife certainly isn’t that.

It’s clear that Kielty is proud of his lifestyle and particularly his wife, but pride and warmth don’t always equal funniness - it’s sweet and it’s heart-warming, but his show lingers too long on his domestic set-up.

Perhaps he thinks that’s what the audience want, but really, his tales of early days in Northern Ireland were the funniest parts.

Three stars