Taking his show One Album Per Hour on tour around the UK this autumn, multi-vocalist, musician and sometime comedian Darren Foreman - aka Beardyman - proved there is no musical genre he cannot tackle.

Despite exploding onto the scene ten years ago with his beatboxing skills, Foreman still cuts an extraordinary figure.

With both song title and genre left to random audience suggestion, his shows are largely dependent on the input of the crowd in each town he visits.

Happily, despite some disappointingly scatological suggestions from the Brighton and Hove crowd, the man with a brain like a musical encyclopaedia ably demonstrated his genius.

Song suggestions saw him expertly craft a song about poodle anuses with disco, jungle and drum and bass, then form a chorus of brass-playing polar bears.

A ‘Muppet rap’ was followed by an anti-David Cameron anthem which had the audience cheering, and his Bhangra/garage/opera fusion could only be described as triumphant.

Beardyman works best with the autonomy to create his own songs, and it was hard at times not to wish for rather more eloquent and esoteric subjects.

However his prodigious spontaneity mixed with an unerring sense of the absurd ensured a riotously entertaining night.

Five stars