Thomas Jenkinson, better known as Squarepusher, isn't a man who likes to take things easy.

Having last played in Brighton a mere few months ago, he returned somewhat unexpectedly soon with another show, this time with a full live band.

As tickets to both shows were fairly expensive, there was the usual risk that fans would be put off by shows so close together.

The latest show, however, was the very first opportunity to see Shobaleader One, his new fully live band, performing tracks Squarepusher released between 1995 and 1999.

Rightly, the anticipation was high. Despite the show's announcement only coming a few days previously, Concorde 2 was packed with excited, dedicated fans.

Mount Bank opened the evening with a washy, ambient set.

Launching proceedings with a slow-building, atmospheric approach, he didn't seek to steal the main act's glory.

Clad in costumes and black capes, the four members of Shobaleader One came to the stage relatively early, and astounded the crowds.

The soundsystem at Concorde was perfect for his jazzier early numbers, like Cooper's World and Squarepusher Theme.

Sadly, the set ended abruptly just as it seemed to be getting started, leaving the fans longing for more.

Four stars