Comic Boom has earned a reputation that fills all the seats in Komedia’s basement every final Thursday of the month.

This month’s edition reaffirmed the event’s commitment to quality comedy.

Seann Walsh easily compered the evening, befriending the entire audience - except for Darren in the front row, who was mercilessly jibed all night.

The line-up was well chosen, the award-winning Matt Rees heading the bill. He was on good form, and managed to stay on track despite a scuffle breaking out in the back at one point.

Earlier acts had warmed the crowd up for him well.

Martin Wratten and Sean Cannon, both newcomers, got plenty of laughs, the former for his defeatist persona and deadpan delivery, the latter for his quick wit and sharp observations.

James McDonnell’s musical comedy was a nice touch, but Benji Waterstone’s understated style may have had the most impact.

The cabaret seating and candlelit tables were ideal for this kind of showcase event. The Komedia was busy, yet intimate and friendly.

None of the acts disappointed, and the laughter flowed freely, beginning to end.

Four stars