The Foo Fighters have successfully reached a point of super band with recent sell out tours. Their fame also seems to have bred a super tribute-band in the form of the UK Foo Fighters.

UK Foo Fighters Tribute, fronted by Jay Apperley but supported ably by Alex Bailey, Arron Warner, Jamie Valentine, and Nick Wight, is without doubt one of UK’s best tribute acts.

Whether unconsciously or not they have channelled the Foos’ distinctive style into their set, even down to their movements and the audience were treated to euphoria and mayhem in equal measure, but always with control and joy on the bands face.

One could tell they were fans and loved playing the music just as much as the audience enjoyed dancing to it.

Though uncannily similar, the UK Foos are their own show. They brought their own takes to the music and gave the audience fascinating insight into their rollercoaster year of recent Wembley dates and singing with the Foo Fighters.

This is about as close to the real thing as you will get. This is not fan fiction in the way most tribute acts are, but ghost writers - respectfully and beautifully replicating the magic.

Five Stars