It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of Christmas shopping, the buzz of buying presents and generally find yourself swept up in the commercialism that has now taken over the festive season.

Thankfully, Herringbone Arts are here with a fantastical fairy tour to remind us that the magic of Christmas lies in the shared moments that we treasure together.

Searching for a lost fairy, the audience tucks into every nook and cranny of the Theatre Royal Brighton’s winding stairways and follow the charming storytellers as they lead us through a magical world of frosty winter landscapes, while the humans earn their stripes as honorary members of the FDA (Fairy Detective Agency).

Complete with fairy footprints, snow flurries and a welcome offering of warm drinks (plus the chance to make a little memento to take home), it’s clear this show knows how to appeal to children’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder.

The only small downside is the practicalities of fitting quite a large group in such small spaces on Saturday, so perhaps lowering the limit of people per tour would allow the actors to concentrate more on telling their tale rather than logistics.

Overall though, a beautifully crafted and brilliantly magical reminder of what’s important during the Christmas season.

Four stars