You will literally never see another show like The Panto Game again.

Amongst all the tradition Christmas productions this one-man effort was completely unique.

Even if I went to watch it again I would witness a completely different story thanks to the creative whirlwind that is Andrew Barnett Jones.

Barnett Jones – a veteran writer for TV shows like Dick and Dom and Shaun the Sheep – began with a completely blank script.

All he had was six basic ideas for a storyline, a few oversized dice, a children’s dictionary and a suitcase full of props.

Oh, and the most important part – the audience. Because this show took the traditional theme of audience participation to the extreme.

Barnett Jones acted it out but it was those in the crowd who decided what happened.

Our show ended up being a take on Snow White but instead of the seven dwarfs we had seven continents.

Instead of a wicked witch the villain was an evil dentist who was intent on smashing out Snow White’s teeth with an iron bar on a boat full of cats but was ultimately undone by his fear of worms!

It sounds like an absolute disaster but was a complete triumph.

Four stars