It’s easy to feel sorry for people who have birthdays in early January, because it’s presumed that after Christmas and in the gloomy cold weather, no one has the money to or wants to celebrate.

Not so if your friends are the type of people to book themselves into Butlins for Bugged Out Weekender. Despite sub-zero temperatures, enthusiasm levels were steady and the event sold out a few days before opening.

The music programme started at 9pm each evening and continued until 6am or 7am, making this a party for dedicated night owls.

DJ Barely Legal kicked off Friday night in the main room with a rousing, rowdy set that had fists pumping and drinks sloshing, before Erol Alkan’s classics set, surreally located in an adapted bowling alley with giant skittles dangling from the ceiling.

Back in the main room for DJ EZ, the crowds had congregated for his garage set, which featured a steady balance between old school tracks and newer, pop-based hits, catering for the diverse audience.

Later, Boddika’s dark techno set contrasted with the colourful seaside resort surroundings brilliantly.

As dawn broke and the rave-painted revellers trailed back to their chalets, moods remained high.

Four stars