You could have been excused for thinking there wasn’t an appetite for a reformed 1990s soul dance group.

Concorde 2 proved this was absolutely not the case.

It was so packed out with Heather Small fans that dancing was limited to penguin shuffling and if you managed to push your arm through the bodies to get your hand above your head – that’s where it would stay.

She ripped through a setlist of all the classics including Search For The Hero, Proud and How Can I Love You More having opened up with One Night In Heaven.

Ironic, because that’s where the largely middle-aged crowd stayed for the duration of the night with some content on watching Small from the bar on the big screen despite having paid £27 for a ticket.

That could well have been because there were 600 people shoulder to shoulder and 50 rows deep in the main room.

Small mixed it up with a few covers, including The Zutons and Whitney Houston, and purred confidence in a jumpsuit as she threw up some mangled dance moves.

She may not be able to reach the high notes she once did, but her voice is still as iconic as ever.

And with a solid band of a flute-come-saxophonist, drummer, bassist and piano player flanked by two gospel choir-style backing singers, the show popped with energy.

Four stars