Peter James is Brighton’s dearly beloved crime author.

His successful novels featuring policeman Roy Grace and gory crimes in familiar Brighton streets have led to him having a huge following in the city, so rightly, the opening night of the adaptation of The Perfect Murder was sold out.

The story told in James’ novella was well-written and endearingly relatable, unveiling a bickering couple and their cosy, domestic lifestyle, peppered with disagreements about household decoration and money.

But things weren’t as normal as they seemed – and right before the interval, murder struck.

Jessie Wallace and Shane Ritchie have acted together for years as a married couple in Eastenders, and their on-screen chemistry has frequently been commented upon.

This connection translated equally well to the stage, with fiery glares and perfectly timed flounces on both sides. The play was surprisingly funny considering the subject matter, with many laugh-out-loud lines.

It’s full of clichés, but on the whole they worked to produce a light-hearted and entertaining performance.

The Perfect Murder is now on tour across the country, and is definitely worth seeing for an evening of comfortable viewing, with a brilliantly designed set and believable, well-played characters.

Four Stars.