London-born Lianne La Havas opened her first ever show in Bexhill with a soulful, solo rendition of her first single No Room for Doubt. 

Since its release in 2011, when La Havas was an unknown hopeful with huge promise, a lot has changed. 

La Havas has released two top five albums, including last year’s Blood, and toured the world, playing everywhere from intimate bars to sold out auditoriums. 

She has won thousands of fans with her unique blend of soul and jazz, which also borrows from gospel, doo-wop and raw acoustics.

Though her song-writing and guitar playing were brilliant, it was the sheer beauty and versatility of her voice that left the crowd mesmerised. 

She alternated tracks from her two albums, including favourites such as Au Cinema and Unstoppable, and unexpectedly brought on her old choir, Norbury Manor Celeste, and singing teacher, to support on some songs. 

As ever with La Havas’ shows, there was a warm and gentle appreciation from the crowd, with little singing along and a reverent calm.  Declarations of love were yelled at the stage and batted back coyly. 

The sweet lullaby of new song Fairytale proved that La Havas’ hits are going to keep coming. 

Five Stars