It must be rare in the history of satire for quite so many targets to present themselves at once.

Some are so preposterous that they defy all attempts to send them up – more than they already are.

The Treason Show did not have to try too hard with Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Network Rail or Burgess Hill.

Haywards Heath got a laugh for being Haywards Heath. 

Mark Brailsford, Sian Hutchinson, Christine Kempell and new guy Joshua Plummer romped around Downing Street and various international news rooms, interrupted by the Pope reading rude lyrics about his thwarted romance. 

Sophia Behn bounced back as Fraulein Trudie, swopping quick-fire joke -German patter with Mark who, for once, kept his clothes on.

The gag -a -minute show was on sparkling form with some clever burlesque: Cliff Richard’s Living Doll became a vitriolic, alcoholic Twitter Troll whilst Joshua Plummer produced a truly inspired reading of the shipping forecast with  straight face and  careful enunciation .

Mark, dressed, had Man Flu. Brett Wellcome on the keyboard, struggled to keep his composure whilst the team rush in and out being very silly indeed.

A packed Rialto Theatre loved every minute, as well they might.

Five Stars