How do you review comedy? Simple, really. It makes you laugh or it doesn’t. It is relative: some comedians are very funny indeed and others barely rate a chuckle.

And then there is Omid Djalili on form, without doubt one of the best stand-ups,  ever. 

Nothing is sacred, everything can be laughed at and everything was.  Favourite targets are twitter, racism and Isis: Omid enjoys pretending to be a radical Muslim on British Airways, just to get more leg room. 

National stereotype jokes have been a stand-up staple for centuries but it isn’t just the gags  it's the way he tells them.

Breathtakingly funny accent impressions help, particularly South African, German, Nigerian and posh acting.

There is much fun to be had as an Englishman called Djalili and he loves his adopted country, mostly because Boris Johnson would be variety act anywhere else, but here, he’s Mayor of London. 

As for Donald Trump, a gift to any comedian, Djalili reckons his script writers are two blokes from Deptford trying to see how far he can go. 

There’s no limit for Omid who got shrieks of grateful laughter for pushing boundaries which is, after all, the job of a jester.

Five Stars