The UK’s top female comedy community, Funny Women, puts on shows all over the country featuring the cream of the industry.

They’re at Komedia in Brighton every month, and March’s installment featured six acts performing short sets, introduced and facilitated by MC Robyn Perkins.

With a combination of both established and very new acts, the quality can be variable, but it also highlighted how different audience members respond to different types of comedy, and the brevity of the sets ensured there were only a few awkward moments.

The studio room was packed with enthusiastic fans with the notable exception of the front row, which was traditionally avoided, despite a few calls for brave audience members to move forward.

 Robyn Perkins’ exuberant stage presence got the evening off to a vibrant, high-energy start.

The six comedians performing had notably individual styles, from the strictly deadpan pun-based Adele Cliff to the witty, naughty performance by vicar Maggy Whitehouse. 

The first five performers all had their strengths, but the show was truly stolen by the final act, the deceptively youthful Lauren Pattison.

Her blasé but articulate story-telling, confident presentation and distinctive Geordie accent combined to create a memorable, likeable set, and judging by the approving roars of laughter, she’ll be welcomed onto bigger stages very soon.

Four Stars.