Bristol’s Benjamin John Power started out as half of F*** Buttons, the hard-to-define duo that mixed drone into minimal; industrial into psychedelic. 

Citing Mogwai and Aphex Twin as equal influences, they created a distinctive sound that was revered in both the press and the smoky back rooms of dark European clubs. 

Starting Blanck Mass as a side project in 2011, Power quickly gained his own fan base, touring with the likes of John Hopkins and Sigor Rós. 

Second album Dumb Flesh was released in May last year to largely positive reviews - this album still demonstrates the same brutal energy he’s renowned for, but skirts by the dense walls of sound and into progressively powerful hooks, pop-like rhythms and vast, tense soundscapes.    

At The Haunt, teetering at about a decibel beneath aggressive, Blanck Mass crafted a solid hour of noise. 

The receptive and appreciative crowd soared through new and older tracks, with the old favourites causing a ruckus of fist-pumps at the front. 

Accompanied by a glitchy, futuristic visual display and a fug of smoke, his set was stark, and transported the audience into an alternate reality where industrial techno at 8pm on a Wednesday seemed perfectly, undeniably, right.