A Midsummer Night’s Dream tapped into the creative abilities of the cast at the Old Market on Monday when the ACT drama students gave their fresh interpretation of the classic Shakespeare tale.

One of the joys of the story is that no matter how often one sees this great play, there is always room for a new spin on the characterisation and interpretation.

Alex Louise gave a stand out performance as the lovelorn Helena in dogged pursuit of her lover and Murray Simon and Oliva Sewell were excellent as Demetrious and Hermia caught up in a spell weaved by Oberon, King of the Fairies. Maurice Humphreys gave able support as Lysander.

Director, Sian Webber used the minimalist stage setting and props to maximum effect to create the atmosphere of midsummer woodland scene.

The travelling players, Marcus Kinsella (Pyramus) – who doubled up as Bottom – together with Michael Forrer (the narrator), Lexi Anthony (Thisbe) and Charlotte Miller (the Wall and the Lion) brought the house down with their play within a play.

Radu Fulgu also impressed as a macho Oberon and Tom Evans as a mischievous Puck, both brought to heel by the sumptuous charms of Titania, played by Parisa Shahvalian