Dance and drama, Spain  and Stravinsky inspired the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s dazzling last concert in their current series at the  Brighton Dome.

Falla’s  Suite from The Three Cornered Hat is a sophisticated melange of Andalusian melodies, rhythms and flamenco: the subtle colours and absolute precision are sharpened by  stinging harmonies borrowed from Stravinsky, notably in the glorious  castanetted fandango of the Final.

Soloist Craig Ogden played the guitar Fantasia by Joaquin Rodrigo,  attractive, accessible music in the manner of Stravinsky’s baroque  suite Pulcinella, but no less difficult for being charming.

The huge forces of the LPO accompanied him with particular sensitivity and one marvellous pizzicato passage. 

Romeo and Juliet presented Prokovief with extremes of emotion for which he composed ballet music of startling originality: we have become accustomed to the crunching dischords and offbeat rhythms but they still require supreme orchestral technique to be powerful and effective.

Spanish conductor Jaime Martin led his troops into battle with infectious enthusiasm.

Directing sans baton, he demonstrated both control and passion to produce  a rare afternoon of music making which required him to make every section of the orchestra stand up in turn to receive the thunderous and repeated applause.