Mark Brailsford and The Treason Show set very high standards for quick fire gags and sharp satire but this Shoreham show didn’t quite live up to them. 

Jokes were a little thin, and a little slow unless perhaps we’ve been spoilt by so much of their clever mimicry and mockery that we’re difficult to please.

There were some wonderful moments: Mark’s Bernie Saunders is hilarious, Trumping his nearly nude Daniel  Craig in budgie smuggling swimshorts, and, more respectfully, mocking One’s Ninetieth Birthday.

The gang revived the old art of burlesque with several clever new rewrites, as in the Isis ensemble  ‘we’re all going on a bombing holiday’  or the Welsh chorus  wailing, ‘ Tata, Farewell’.  Running jokes featured Cameron’s tax dodging father, whether the Archbishop of Canterbury knew who his father was,  or  if IDS was an embarrassing disease. 

Fuch News worried about Brexit, debating if England wanted America back again whilst  local stuff had the Burgess Hillbillies yodelling about gold in them thar hills and how much of Crawley could be seen from the i360

New ‘ traitor’ Kerren Garner joined Mark, Barry Glennon and Sian Hutchinson whilst Brett Wellcome managed to be an entire orchestra on a keyboard.