As is traditional for Bank Holidays in Britain, the weather had been destined to be dreadful. 

With the forecast showing a full day of rain, day three of Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns was considerably quieter than Saturday and Sunday, but still, a steady stream of food fans came through the gates. 

Foodies Festival has been coming to Hove Lawns for years, and has become part of many people’s Bank Holiday traditions, with music, drinks and cookery demonstrations to enjoy as well as the expected free samples and delicious smells. 

This year’s event seemed bigger than last year’s, with considerably more drinks venues. 

The brilliant White Russians on offer from Jimmy’s milk wagon were a particular highlight, though the ice was a bit much given the temperature.  Flamin’ Rooster’s mixed grills wafted hearty BBQ scents across the site, luring in customers, and the Crispy Duck Rotisserie sold glorious duck fat chips, but it was the small Mac n’ Cheese stall nearby that had eager queues waiting, and disappointed people turning away each time they sold out. 

Not the most sophisticated of offerings, but warm, heavy carbs were perfect for keeping warm. 

Another way to keep warm was by entering the chilli eating competition, but from the look of the tears and near vomiting, that method was much less fun.