As we agreed at the end of the night, it’s pretty hard to describe Bom-Banes to someone who’s never been. 

Ostensibly a café/restaurant in the St James’ area with music and entertainment, Bom-Banes is tucked away down a side-street and is promoted mostly via word of mouth. 

The dining area is intimate and tiny, the Belgian beer selection is wide and the food is adventurous and tasty, but that’s not why people always come back. 

The reason is, exclusively, down to the effervescent Jane Bom-Bane and her troupe of talented Family Players. 

This year’s Fringe show is Bom-Banimals, and on the evening we attended, each guest in the six-person party was treated to a magical tour of the premises, featuring puppetry, song, and music. 

The elaborate costumes and the immersive artwork created a feeling of otherworldliness. 

As ever, it was like a voyage into a mystical alternate world, based on sincerity and skill.  Followed by a two-course meal and music, the evening was cosy and immersive, and suitable for all ages. 

If you’re seeking out new favourites during the Brighton Fringe, or want to relive the magic from a previous visit, Bom-Banimals is on all month and you won’t be disappointed.