The tears of laughter rolled down cheeks as the sweat rolled down backs in a superheated but super-funny show at the enclosed and airless Theatre Box by St Peter’s Church on Saturday.

Zach - a lithe and good-looking New Yorker in his mid twenties - and Viggo, a sophisticated Norweigian he met at Gaulier clown school in France, brought their Thunderflop show to Brighton fresh off sold-out runs off-Broadway and an extended run in Edinburgh.

A tight hour which mixed slapstick, audience participation, monologues and magic; the show had the audience in hysterics from beginning to end, with rolling laughs egged on and eeked out confidently by the pair’s confidence and comic timing.

Mis-steps real and scripted - from the split in Viggo’s unitard to the complete inability of the skeleton crew to hit the lighting cues - were as funny as the dialogue and the energy on stage was reflected back by the audience.

A bizarre reducto-ad-absurdum of the tradition of licking one’s finger to turn the pages of a book was probably the stand out moment, but adult sized mice squeaking for plastic cheese, and Zack’s constant breaking of the fourth wall to let us know that it was he, not a six-foot rabbit, wearing the drinks-straw bunny-ears, were also memorably ridiculous.