It’s a shame that The Ricochet Project only have one more night (tonight) at the Corn Exchange, as their virtuoso acrobatics crossed with circus skills and drama made for a compelling - sold out - show.

Astonishing technical skills both in the air and on the ground combined with stark lighting, moody electronic music and well-chosen audio clips (including Charlie Chaplin’s moving and prescient speech from The Great Dictator) saw American dancers Codhi Harrell and Laura Stokes expressing the human condition in a unique way.

Themes of isolation and fitting in (or not) to society were expressed beautifully with minimal props by the pair, who choreographed every last detail to stunning effect.

A wooden chair was one minute a prison, the next a perch for Harrell, who managed to mix exquisite strength with a touching vulnerability as he moved about the stage.

Stokes was equally skilful, her acrobatic turn on the hanging ropes bringing to mind a child grappling to free itself from a suffocating, thrashing umbilical chord.

The fact that the dancers performed almost naked added extra power and depth to their physical exploration of the contorted state of society, and of the carapace most people adopt in different situations in life.

Although the show was about people struggling to make sense of a culture built on illusion, the physical connection displayed just before the end of the show filled the audience with hope rather than despair.

Creative and original.