The Spiegeltent is positioned on an island surrounded by a busy road. It was often difficult to know which sounds where extraneous and which were emanating from Laura Moody's cello or body.

She mentioned that she herself was confused.

Moody is a unique, extraordinary talent, totally defying categorisation as she flits from one sonic landscape to another. The voice and cello work as one, each beautifully controlled.

The music was constantly searching, inquisitive, never sitting in any one genre for long enough to be defined.

There were covers of The Ballad of Lucy Jordan and Nick Drake's Cello Song, however, it was Moody's own songs that mostly featured, taken from her 2014 release Acrobats. Her easy going chat between the pieces was in stark contrast to her intensity when playing.

She was possessed by the music, yet in a comfortable way which made her compelling to the small crowd, who were hypnotised throughout the 55 minute set.

Sometimes Moody intentionally took you somewhere you could laugh and relax, but her expression never hinted of a mood, there were no clues, her eyes were open but gave nothing away.

She was reassuringly poised in her own musical universe which was a privilege to share.