Alice Marshall presents her one woman, intimate comedy show to a packed out shipping container at The Theatre Box in the grounds of The Warren. Although, it is not really Alice Marshall at all as she performs as a variety of different characters.

After a hilarious video clip she enters the stage as her best character of the night, Greta Medina. She is fierce, witty, loud, vulgar, angry at the world and generally hilarious.

Greta features on the video clips during the show which aim to educate the audience about the vicious people in the world. It features vox-pops from members of the public who give funny anecdotes mainly on the theme on dating.

Her wide range of funny and varied characters has everyone laughing the whole way through. Her talent is highlighted by the way she seamlessly changes from each character, none of which are similar.

An arrogant amateur actor, an elderly woman who loves gin a little too much and even Cheryl Cole all grace the stage.

Perhaps Marshall should stick to impressions of general personalities rather than celebrities to avoid pre-conceived expectations. Her Cheryl Cole impression is admittedly nowhere near as funny as her others.

Marshall's well rehearsed and silly show gets a great reaction from the whole crowd.