You would not have thought a show all about death and William Shakespeare could leave you screaming with rollicking laughter.

The four top class and ever-charming clowns at Spymonkey along with writer Tim Crouch started with the simple idea of performing all 74 on-stage deaths across Shakespeare's plays back to back.

Of course this number bumps to 75 if you include black ill-favoured fly who stars on the production’s poster.

With constant stabbings, suicide, murders and executions you would not think this is a concept which could be so wonderfully transposed into a sidesplitting comedy.

A central narrative ties the bombastic mish mash together with the grumpy but likeable Toby Park as the purist lambasting his infantile colleagues antics.

It is a show jammed to bursting with top notch gags ranging from the slapstick to the visual to the musical, as each scene gives its selection of deaths a high energy absurd makeover.

Each outrageous variety-show esque spectacle earns its laughs as they move seamlessly between Shakespeare’s slaughter and self destruction as well as stabbing at the stuffy haughtiness which surrounds so many so-called fans of Shakespeare.

This delightful send-up to the Bard was often crude, often vulgar, always daft, but also completely and utterly joyous.