Cole Porter’s classic musical, set on board the SS American, has a hectic, madcap storyline involving a stowaway, gangsters, disguises and mayhem.

The show is crammed full of great songs that have now acquired iconic status.

Within the limitations of a small acting area Southwick Opera, under the direction of Simon Gray, achieve a creditable production.

Jordan Southwell, as the show’s love-struck hero, gives a fine performance with comedy, singing and a nifty bit of footwork. The object of his adoration is sweetly played by Tess Phippard whose strong singing voice needs to be matched by her speaking voice – a case of under projection at times.

There are knockout performances from Lucy Newton as Reno Sweeney and Jamie Collins. Newton dominates the stage with her powerful voice and presence in the shows two big production numbers – ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Blow, Gabriel Blow’. As the gangster, Moonface Martin, Collins gives a master class in comic acting.

There is more comedy from Grace Riach as the dumb blonde, Erma who has great fun leading a rousing soft shoe shuffle in ‘Buddy Beware’. Whilst Richard Connelly lets his hair down when his stuffy Lord Evelyn Oakley reveals ‘The Gypsy in Me’.