Regular Brighton Fringe-goers might recognise James Hamilton as one-fifth of popular sketch comedy gang Casual Violence, who are frequent festival performers and finished a successful run last week at the Warren’s Studio Box with this year’s show ‘Slow Fade To Bleak.’ 

Hamilton is the troupe’s lead writer, and his mastery in crafting believable, raw, and often disturbingly dark characters has gained him many accolades. 

‘James Hamilton Is So Lonely’ is his first solo show, and it’s an energetic hour-long race through various sketches, linked together by our eponymous hero’s search for love, comfort and meaning.

It’s an immersive, interactive show that kept the audience’s full attention, partly through fear that they’d be called on to participate, but mostly due to the engaging delivery. 

Sharp-witted and clever, the performance showcased Hamilton’s skills as both writer and performer, though some sketches made more sense to the overall plot than others. 

Sunday was the final performance of the ‘James Hamilton Is So Lonely’ show, but the brief run has cemented Hamilton’s position as one of the most exciting and talented comics on the circuit, both as part of a group or as a solo performer.  Roll on next year’s shows.