As midnight slipped past, the queues outside Komedia grew longer and less patient. 

As everyone who’s ever been to The Great Escape knows, queuing is part of the experience, but that didn’t ease any frustrations as the start time of Iglooghost’s set inched closer. 

Desperate pleas fell on bouncer’s deaf ears, phone calls were ineffective, but ten minutes before the popular young producer took to the stage the crowds were let through, much to their relief and at this point, surprise.

As one of the most hotly tipped acts of this year’s festival, Iglooghost has a new and excited following. 

With releases on Brainfeeder and Activia Benz, his sugary, frenetic style has captured hearts on Soundcloud and Instagram feeds across the globe, and this late night set will have garnered him some new fans too. 

Cutting familiar samples into scraps and blending them into his unique hybrid of sunshine hip-hop beats, Iglooghost’s set was manic, sweet and infectiously crazy.   

As the grim-faced bouncers swept down a joyous stage invasion, the wide grins and flailing arms of the audience told of their appreciation and enthusiasm.  Iglooghost more than lived up to the hype.