The performance art of WerTeDance at the Theatre Royal combines the ethereal with realism and dance with storytelling.

The opening line of “In the Life of the Perfectly Real” draws the audience into a world of interaction, tension and the surrealism.

The dancers each appearing to be anchored to the ground react and respond to each other’s movements like shadow boxers or stones creating a ripple on a pond.

The presentation was both intriguing and mesmerising and it was impossible not to admire the concentration and energy of the cast.

The award winning troupe from the Czech Republic are hitting the headlines with their latest production for which they were rewarded with Dance Piece of the Year at the Czech Dance Platform Festival and the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

Set against a minimalist backdrop, the dance is interspersed with the sound of two clarinets and recorded vocals which add a further dream like sheen.

The description “performance art” may bring out connotations of self-indulgence and mediocrity but this show was absorbing from the beginning to the pulsating end.

This classic modern dance production is both light hearted and thought provoking. Not to be missed. The audience loved it.