AS the final weekend of Brighton Fringe drew to a close, the streets were packed with people enjoying the sunshine and the party atmosphere.

May is a very special month in Brighton but with the Fringe extending to the first weekend in June and the Kemptown Carnival’s effervescent energy earlier in the day, it seemed that the high spirits would continue through the night.

Dynamite Boogaloo is an institution in Brighton stretching back to 1992, when Boogaloo Stu and Dynamite Sal joined forces – amply helped by Dolly Rocket – to create club nights that have gone down in legend.

Blending cabaret and pop classics with party games and mass dance routines, they don’t produce nights for the coy.

Despite a slow start to the evening, which was unexpected considering the queues and the sold-out status, by midnight the show was truly underway.

With an audience spanning many generations and a full spectrum of attire from low-cut PVC to jeans and a T-shirt, this was an inclusive and unpretentious event, united by the desire to let loose and party.

Boogaloo Stu was, as ever, resplendent in ruffles and shimmer, and led the proceedings with aplomb.

If you haven’t experienced Dynamite Boogaloo yet, you’re missing out on one of those things that makes Brighton the place it is.