Nothing could have better demonstrated the brilliance of youth than the second concert in this year's series of young artists at Glynde Place.

Esther Yoo, violin, Zhang Zuo, piano and Narek Hakhnazaryan, cello, all in their early 20s, performed piano trios by a very young Brahms and slightly more mature Dvorak.

Brahms’ Beethovenian Op 8 is formal in structure but exciting and exuberant music which demanded – and got – passionate performances from all three players.

The fiendishly difficult piano part held no terrors for Zhang Zuo and although chamber music is ideally composite, three soloists were almost outshining the other in turn.

Cellist Narek Haknazaryan has already achieved huge international success: he demonstrates a near trance-like immersion in the music which only the surest ability and technique allow.

Brahms was very fond of Dvorak, proof-reading and indeed performing the Op 90, a trio gayer and lighter than his own Op 8. Full of melody and charm, it gave Esther Yoo moments of glory with her sparkling virtuoso violin, which combined depth and richness of sound with a personal and musical empathy.

Tumultous applause brought about a Brahms Hungarian Dance as the perfect encore and the audience departed happy.