“Shakespeare’s dramatic story of ambition turned bad is brought vividly to life in Oddsocks’ hilarious new musical adaptation,” said the blurb.

I admit I had baulked at the idea of a ‘Steampunk-style comedy musical’ version of my favourite Shakespeare play, but five minutes into this creative, anarchic and genuinely funny production my misgivings seemed like a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

The classic scenes and speeches so familiar from my A levels all those years ago had the audience (including me and my teenage daughter) laughing their collective socks off in B.O.A.T.’s beautifully constructed outdoor theatre space with a cleverly adapted steampunk backdrop.

Incongruous slapstick comedy and modern chart-based songs are not something you would expect to sit alongside arguably Shakespeare’s darkest play, but it didn’t just work, it felt like something magical and creative with such a likeable, talented, musical cast.

Clearly nothing is sacred to the Oddsocks crew: even Macduff’s reaction to the news about the murder of his wife and children was given a comic twist that can't be given away.

I know, I know, it sounds so wrong but… it was a pure tonic – particularly in such uncertain times – alluded to more than once.

There’s only one more night to go with Macbeth before this crew move on… bring rugs and snacks and maybe something to drink, you won’t regret it.