OPPORTUNITIES for political satire at the moment are beyond even Mark Brailsford’s wildest dreams. The current incarnation of his Treason Show sent up Brexit and Remainers without discrimination, piled into Corbyn, Cameron, Farage and Merkel and gently mocked One’s first interview with One’s new whip cracking dominatrix Prime Minister.

Running gags remain a constant source of delight: Fux News from the US of A persists in not understanding 'Englandshire' and Southern Rail continues to offer non-running trains, especially to Major Tim Peake, whose journey from London to Brighton is more difficult than re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Newcomer Adam Wilson was hilarious as a dour Andy Murray on a cheer-up mission to the UK, later chasing riskier laughs as Oscar Pistorius. Kerren Garner and Pip Henderson became Bureaucrats of the Apocalypse, and a rude Trudie to Mark’s joke German Wolfie in newly endowed Freundinfest.

Local fun is always to be had with the i360, together with a new idea of Sussexit, entertainingly promoted by a Harry Enfield/Count Arthur Strong Mark in vintage style film. Best of all was the Cabaret burlesque which featured the entire cast in Minnelli pose with Mark in basque and fishnets singing 'Come, join the Eurozone' whilst perching on the audience laps.