For the modern 20-something, it’s pretty easy to put off adulthood.

When emerging from education into a dismal sea of apprenticeships and internships, things like mortgages and marriages seem to flit on an unreachable horizon.

Sooner or later though, it happens to us all: weekends fill with weddings, hangovers can stretch over two days and your friend who used to be last to bed on Sunday morning gets really into running instead.

This tour, promoting Isy Suttie’s recently published memoir The Actual One, takes us on her journey from dishevelled Sambuca swigger to proper adult, via a crusade to find her real, actual one true love.

As themes go it’s not exactly original but Suttie’s approach was unsentimental and, luckily, she swerved any wistful cliches.

She’s known for her performance as straight-talking IT geek Dobby in Channel 4’s Peep Show, a role she played with unapologetic bluntness, and this matter-of-fact approach was present in her stand-up show too.

Pragmatically reflective, she told anecdotes of her woeful attempts to woo men, including making a 5-ft tall papier-mâché penguin and taking it on the bus as a surprise gift, and nearly being accidentally responsible for the death of a suitor’s pet cat.

The characters she created are relatable and the delivery, peppered with songs and readings from the book, was light.

Suttie’s a natural comic and during the songs which are written from another person’s perspective she was brilliant – whether she’s performing as a Slovenian teenage misanthropist or an aged jazz busker in Burnley, she’s both hilarious and believable.

As Suttie’s now in her late 30s with a husband and child, this is a retrospective, rose-tinted look back at a challenging time. She’s already charmed the nation with her acting but this stand-up show granted the audience a more intimate look at a very talented, very likeable comedian.