Just occasionally, parodies soar past their original inspiration and take flight into something completely different: well, not entirely as no radio audience would ever forget the cut glass accents of Dick Barton (Special Agent) nor the unmistakable BBC tune, but Phil Willmott’s brilliantly inventive Dick Barton And The Tango Of Terror takes our dinner-jacketed hero into territory never previously imagined.

Gerry McCrudden directs the New Venture Theatre Company in a hilarious joyride through 1950s memorabilia at daredevil pace and three dimensions.

No radio audience ever had such fun watching DB Jack Edison and BBC announcer Lex Lake dance, or the villainous Tom Slater seduce cleaning lady Kate McGann: Is the dastardly creep a Latin gigolo, cinema organist or diamond thief? Does it matter?

Robert Purchese picked the wrong girl but the right music while David Eaton kept a straight face (and hair) with perfect enunciation.

Daphne Fritters managed to be "heppy", Mark Green missed Lords, Kirrily Long stood in, manfully, and everyone hated Johnny Foreigner.

Blink and you missed snatches of Carmen, The Magic Flute, Nachtmusik and chopsticks: all the wonderful cast sang their hearts out and danced like Fred Astaire. What "heppened" next? Tune in next week.

Contains some bad language. Call 01273 746118 for returns