Brighton Goes Gospel


Clarendon Centre, Brighton, June 10

WITH a stylish entrance, Brighton Goes Gospel choir director Daniel Thomas led the 140 voices on to the stage with This Little Light Of Mine.

To direct and choreograph so many people so precisely took a lot of charisma and many funky dance moves. From there, the light grew into a burning ember and reached melting point at the finale with My Light Shines On.

The choir’s public displays of emotion, free-range joy and lots of hand-clapping temporarily unshackled the room from the usual norms of society.

It was hard to believe that this was all home-grown community talent. Accompanied by skilled pianist and musical director Jason Thompson and his JT band, there was another special addition to this gig who embodied the theme of Shine On.

Michelle John, The Voice UK 2017 finalist, joined the choir for several songs before taking to the stage with her own song, Priceless, from her new EP.

Encased in glittering sequins, Michelle let forth the power and range of her incredible voice in a performance that intimated that she was literally singing for her life.

The positive messages throughout the gig were indeed life-affirming and the choir demonstrated how inclusive they were when a soloist used sign language throughout a version of John Lennon’s Imagine.

The whole spectacle was organised by volunteers at the not for profit charity, Brighton Goes Gospel whose shining light deserves to remain forever on.

Tina Blower