Lorde is only 21 but manages to exude a wisdom and sensitivity beyond her years. Her first record, released when she was just 16, was a masterclass in meaningful pop.

Her second, Melodrama, covers the well-trodden territory of heart break, but with a freshness and euphoria. Beautifully specific lyrical details breathe life into the songs and offer real insights into the characters behind them. She gives herself up to the negative emotions, but in doing so finds a way out of them, and it’s a real testament to her writing ability that she’s able to cover so much emotional ground in three-minute songs.

Tonight we find that she’s also an exceptional performer, whirling and bouncing around the stage, a luminous ball of energy eager to connect with the crowd. At one point, she recounts that she’s been writing songs for seven years and offers a sincere thanks to her fans for letting her travel the world performing her music. At another, she gives a heart wrenching speech on the transformative pain of loneliness. The strength of her conviction is palpable, inspiring and extremely relatable. She’s otherworldly, but she’s also one of us.

That’s Lorde’s charm – in spite of the polished and professional show that she puts on tonight, complete with sparkling backing dancers, three costume changes and huge neon light sculptures, she remains sincere. She gives her all throughout the show, offering us a beguiling path through the emotional landscape of her first and second records, each perfect pop hit as vital and visceral as the next.

The only slight misstep of the night was her valiant attempt at a cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight, that even her powerful voice and sensitive delivery could not save from sentimental schmaltz.

Still, the night was a rare chance to feel invigorated and uplifted by a true artist.

Jess Weiss