Creative frontman Neil Arthur has been busy writing and producing since Blancmange disbanded in 1986 and the experience showed in a polished performance on the band's return to Brighton.

The group are in a good place musically and artistically – and clearly enjoying themselves. After a string of hits in the 80s, the band gradually lost impetus before packing it in to pursue different musical projects before starting to perform and record again in around 2006.

Drawing on a wide variety of genres, the songs take strands from the best of their generation from Talking Heads, Bowie and Gary Newman to produce a unique sound There’s New Wave, synth pop, ballad and even a little bit of rock. The songs are not just accessible but interesting as well.

It took the belting I Can’t Explain to get the audience really warmed up and by the halfway point, the three man line up were really into their stride. Waves, Gratitude, Bind Vision and of course, On the Ceiling followed.

They may not be filling the Albert Hall any more but this is one of the best bands currently on the circuit.