IF you’re a fan of rock hard abs, bulging pecks, arm muscles the size of watermelons, oh, and men dancing, then Dreamboys is right up your street. Did I mention the abs?

The dream team danced and girated to a host of party tunes, which got the crowd whooping and cheering, and the abs rippling. Songs included hits from Rhianna, Nsync and Backstreet Boys. Sadly these crowd pleasers didn’t last as long as they could have done but they did leave the audience wanting more, which is probably the idea of the show. Well, that and abs.

Highlights included the retro medley of An Officer And A Gentlemen - who doesn’t love abs in a Navy uniform – Top Gun - abs in a pilot’s outfit also doesn’t disappoint – and Singing In The Rain. Who knew umbrellas were sexy.

Audience participation made the show highly entertaining, with a host of hens, men and party-goers picked out to partake in raunchy acts on stage. Credit is due to the man who got ridden like a horse by a dancer in hot pants and a rubber zebra head. He definitely took one for the team.

At points the show was a little selfindulgent and clearly written by a man, especially during a very long and drawn out cowboy skit. But the dancing was good, the abs were ripe and there was not a dry seat in the house.

I’d like to give them one but I’ll settle on awarding The Dreamboys four stars and recommend anyone up for a good time to go and see them when they return in August 2018.