You know those gigs where you can’t quite believe the sound you’re hearing is actually only coming from the performers, that there isn’t some secret extra band hidden under the stage providing some additional layers of sound? This was one of those evenings.

Considering Alison Goldfrapp had to cancel her Birmingham show the day before she was due to appear at The Dome due to a sore throat, Brighton was incredibly lucky to get her on such good form. Her voice veering from breathy whisper to operatic wail, the crooning chameleon did what she does best and blew everyone’s minds before the end of the first track.

Opener, Zodiac Black created a haunting, ethereal atmosphere, and we soon got the dirty bass lines and chest-exploding, glam-rock inspired synths we were hoping for with Anymore and Train - which displayed an astonishing depth and spine-tingling intensity live.

Alison’s musical partner and co-writer, Will Gregory, was somewhere in the wings helping create an almost apocalyptic wall of sound that at times literally took one’s breath away, while Goldfrapp, silhouetted like a strutting shadow puppet, practiced precise, theatrical dance moves against an incredible light show and potent backing visuals.

Become The One exuded dark power, while a more playful feel was introduced to songs such as Number One and Ride A White Horse, sparking a palpable energy in an ecstatic, adoring audience. Sticking to tracks from latest release Silver Eye, the iconic Black Cherry album of 2003 and 2005’s Supernature, the electronic duo seemed to make these songs with a timeless quality appear somehow multi-dimensional.

Alison’s audience interaction, and introduction to the talented musicians supporting her, was a welcome addition to an incredible performance all round. An encore comprising Systemagic and Strict Machine ensured everyone left the venue wild eyed and happy. “Take a ride, light the sky”. Yes, we certainly did. Utterly awe-inspiring.