James Graham is a clever playwright who can conjure up informative and entertaining theatre.

In This House, which played at Chichester in 2016, he created an absorbing but fictionalised account of Harold Wilson’s government, fighting to retain power despite a miniscule majority. Now he has provided another fictionalised story - “the coughing Major”, Charles Ingram, and his controversial performance in 2001 as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It was subsequently claimed that his win was due to cheating.

The play is a provocative re-examination of his conviction and analyses modern attitudes to truth and lies. Not a bundle of laughs one might think but that would be very wide of the mark. It is wickedly funny. Not only does it contain a send up of previous quiz shows, with members of the audience being called on stage to take part, but it also gets us to take part in a Pub Quiz and to vote on whether the Ingrams were guilty or not.

Performed as a trial the first half is the case for the prosecution and depicts the couple as villains whilst the second has the defence showing them as innocents, the victims of a conspiracy by the programme’s organisers. It is a slick production that intertwines the trial, the private life of the Ingrams and the quiz show as well as the birth of not only Who Wants...but also of ITV.

The strong cast is led by Gavin Spokes and Stephanie Street as the Ingrams – both touching as they switch from pantomime villains to real people. The rest of cast are called upon to play multi-roles with Keir Charles stealing the show as Chris Tarrant and a host of famous quiz masters – all with their mannerisms mocked.

A fine conclusion to Daniel Evans’s first season.