Moon Diagrams is the solo project of Deerhunter founder/drummer Moses Archuleta, and with his debut release, Lifetime Of Love, he delivered one of the most sublime, techno infused but somehow still soulful albums of 2017. 

It’s the kind of music that’s perfect for venues like the Green Door Store, for 2am sets and sweaty, throbbing crowds of people. Sadly, at 9pm on a wet Tuesday in a somewhat empty venue, the effect was not quite as intended. It didn’t help that many of the audience who were there from the start of the evening disappeared after an admittedly excellent set from Brighton’s Storm, an offshoot of Fujiya & Miyago. 

The few folk left saw Archuleta, a man continually head down, scrambling around a bank of wires and dimly illuminated dials, deliver the builds and drops of his album perfectly. With super sub bass and low lighting, it felt like a journey of sorts, with turbulence, crazy drunken co-travellers and an anonymous pilot. And in absence of a nod of recognition from him, it was the sound levels themselves that eventually became the star of the show, shaking the inside of people’s skulls and rattling their brains.

Jake Kennedy