TWO of Iceland's musical exports, Bjork and Sigur Ros, have become internationally-renowned artists, famed for their experimental approaches.

Five-piece Mammut, fronted by exuberant vocalist Katrína Kata Mogensen, might not ever hit those heights but they are a thrilling proposition and further evidence of their home country's booming music scene.

Signed to indie label Bella Union, Mammut's Brighton date was their first in the UK despite the band forming as an all-female trio in 2003 (they've since added a male guitarist and drummer).

Their sound is truly diverse, swinging from melodic sentiment ("I love you" gushed Mogensen on We Tried Love) to rich soundscapes via rumbling, ominous behemoths such as Kinder Versions, the title track of Mammut's most recent album.

This broad emotional approach is summarised on the band's Facebook page, with Mammut describing themselves as: "melodic and catchy and beautiful and addictive" but also "darker and heavier than you think".

Mogensen is a formidable frontwoman, her highly emotive vocals sharing some qualities with the anguished howl of Swedish duo The Knife's Karin Dreijer. At one or two points in the set, she distorts her voice with use of a pedal, to striking and slightly scary effect.

Her use of technology is in keeping with a band who fill out their sound with various glitchy sound effects. The overall palate is never overstuffed and always stimulating; ideas swoop in from all directions.

Mammut's older material is recorded in Icelandic and the songs they played in their native tongue didn't lose anything for our inability to understand the lyrics.

Their music is more about the powerful emphasis than the words as such, and tracks from their first two records sat nicely alongside the more polished material from Kinder Versions. During a particularly thrashy number, Mogensen and guitarist Arnar Pétursson came together to engage in a joint headbanging session.

Mammut can do raw ferocity as well as touching melody. They are a worthy part of Iceland's proud musical heritage.