I GET the feeling you would have a great laugh with Martyn Knight and Tucker whatever they were doing.

The pair are pure comedy gold and make for a hilarious night for children and their parents, Knight as the dame, Sarah the cook and Tucker as Idle Jack. There's a scene in the second half where they have somehow set up a ship's kitchen which actually sways from side to side. I won't divulge the routine and ruin it for you but to be honest I don't know how much of it was in the script and how much was just them larking about.

That's probably how they evolve the show to make it so funny. It's got aspects of The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges. There was a magical part of the show where the stage goes dark and you are under the sea with a luminous Triton, fishes and all sorts which had everyone's jaws dropping in wonder.

Todd Carty of Grange Hill and Eastenders fame is a classy villain as King Rat and the rest of the cast make for a wonderful show. There's great music too including Carty's version of London Calling by The Clash and later there's a nice take on Clean Bandit's Symphony, sung by Katherine Glover as Dick Whittington and Francesca Leyland as Alice Fitzwarren.